Get Where You're Going with Power Steering Service in Chicago

February 29, 2016

Today we're going to talk about power steering service in Chicago. If you took an informal poll around Chicago you'd probably find that most vehicle owners have never heard of power steering service. That's not surprising. Even though power steering is standard on every vehicle, most people in Ch... More

Hitting The Brakes In Chicago

February 28, 2016

Hello Chicago, let's talk about brakes. But the mechanical aspects of the brakes themselves are just one issue. There's also the power brake pump and brake fluid. And then there are the tires, which are critical to the effectiveness of the brakes.Let's step back. A new vehicle or truck rolls o... More

Keeping Your Chicago Air Fresh When Driving With a Clean Cabin Air Filter

February 27, 2016

Pop quiz: What is a cabin air filter? A. A filter for your Chicago house?B. A fresh, piney scent?C. A filter for the passenger compartment of your car? Clever you, it's C.A cabin air filter cleans the outside air before it comes into the passenger compartment of your vehicle. It filters out comm... More

Put on the Brakes: Brake Service at Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy)

February 27, 2016

When it comes to preventive maintenance and vehicle care, most Chicago drivers know how important it is to check their brakes. But brakes are more than just brake pads and shoes. There are a lot of components in the brake system, and they all need to be in good working order.The pads and shoes a... More

Can Car Scent Keep You Safe on Illinois Roads?

February 26, 2016

Here's a travel tip that'll I'll bet you didn't know, and it might keep you safer...The average American commuter in Illinois spends two and a half hours daily in their vehicle.The government says 100,000 auto accidents yearly are caused by drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. (Aggressive drivin... More

Charge It in Chicago for Extended Battery Life

February 25, 2016

Here's an interesting statistic for our in Chicago, Illinois, drivers: Only 30 percent of car batteries make it to 48 months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from 51 months in extremely cold areas to just 30 months in extremely hot climates.Why is that? It turns out t... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Alignment for Your Chicago Vehicle

February 24, 2016

Imagine you've left Chicago and you're up in the arctic on a dog sled.Your dog team is pulling straight and true. You can cover a lot of ground quickly. Now imagine what would happen if one or two of the dogs wanted to go their own way and were pulling off to the side.That would slow you down. Yo... More

Chicago Drivers Severe Service Maintenance Schedules

February 23, 2016

Since driving requirements and lifestyles differ among Chicago drivers, your vehicle manufacturer publishes two auto maintenance schedules: the regular schedule and the severe service schedule. Which schedule should Chicago drivers follow? Here are some questions to ask yourself:Are most of your ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy): Tire Replacement Overview

February 22, 2016

Tires are an expensive purchase, so knowing when tires should be replaced is important for Chicago drivers. Tires will just wear out with normal use. The depth of the tread on your tire determines how well it will stop, start and steer especially in wet conditions. 4/32th of an inch (3.2 mm) of ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy): Wiper Blades ? Signs of Wear

February 21, 2016

90% of our driving decisions are based on vision. Anything that impedes your vision can affect your driving safety including a dirty windshield. In that sense, your wiper blades are an important safety system. Most Chicago drivers will wait until their wipers have failed before they replace them... More