Recommended Service Intervals at Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy)

December 25, 2016

Most people in the Chicago area are aware that automotive manufacturers have recommended service intervals. Following recommended service intervals is very important. The engineers that design our vehicles have tested the various systems and components to meet durability and safety standards. Som... More

Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy): Good Service and Good Fuel Economy

December 19, 2016

Most Chicago auto owners want to save on gas and seek our advice on improving economy. At Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy), we are frequently asked, however, if it is really worth the extra effort. Just how much money can Chicago drivers actually save?In today's Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy) articl... More

The Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy) Guide to Saving Fuel: Get Rid of Dirty Oil

December 11, 2016

A lot of us drivers are asking ourselves the same question lately: how can we save on fuel? Chicago area residents are all cutting back, if not in fuel consumption, then in other areas of our lives. Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is an important way people in Chicago can conserve f... More

Let Tuffy Chicago (Diversey Pkwy) Help You Keep Your Vehicle Another Couple of Years

December 4, 2016

Chicago area residents may remember when the U.S. government's Cash for Clunkers program made a splash on the news scene. People were offered incentives to trade in old vehicles for new, in the interest of better and improved air quality from reduced emissions.But a lot of Chicago drivers want to... More