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I wanted to advise you of a top notch manager your company has at your Chicago (Southport & Diversey Avenue) location. I brought my SUV in with some questions about the exhaust that was recently replaced, unfortunately, by another repair shop. It was louder than normal. I stopped by on a Saturday and the manager came out and looked at it and explained to me the exhaust system on the car, and how he would look at it once he got it up in the shop. Most places wont even bother to come out from the counter to take 2-3 minutes to answer some questions. I wanted to be sure that at a minimum the replaced exhaust system was working properly - even if loud. My wife dropped the car off, and we also asked to have an alignment done. Chris called me later that day and explained, in detail, how the system was installed and that it was safe and running properly, but unfortunately based on the poor install done by another shop, the only remedy would be to replace more than was needed because of the way it was installed. After explaining it all, and having a full understanding I decided to leave it. I asked about the alignment and he said the mechanic drove it around and it was fine, and the air pressure in the tires was higher than needed. He lowered the pressure for me. Also, what I was most surprised with was that he said it didn't need an alignment. This may be the first time I've heard this out of a shop. Most, if not all places, will do it and charge you without determining if you even need it. To me, this speaks volumes of the person and the character of your manager, and your company. One can not put an estimate or price on honesty especially in the service market. Your manager gave me peace of mind and also saved me unneeded expenses. It's because of him, I will bring my car into Tuffy for all future work and will not hesitate one bit to recommend it to others. I really can't say how well I was treated on both times - and at no expense. Your company should be proud to have someone like this representing it.

— Brian C., Chicago, IL

Recently, I had my tires rotated at a local shop in the Chicago area. At that time they told me I needed new brake pads, shocks and struts. I wasn’t sure about their diagnosis on my vehicle so I decided to take my car to the Tuffy location at 1400 W. Diversey in Chicago. After dropping off my vehicle, Chris quickly called me to let me know that I in fact do NOT need to new brakes - I still have 75% life, and there are no signs that I need new shocks and struts. When I returned to Tuffy to pick up my car, Chris had one of his guys take me out so I could show them why I thought I needed shocks and struts. We went for a quick drive and the employee explained to me what I would feel and see when it was time for new shocks and struts. Chris could have had a big sale with me because I really don't know any different. I appreciate his integrity and providing me honest information about my car.

— Amy J., Chicago, IL

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